Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series is an ideal platform for armored ambulance conversion. Our armored ambulance solution for TLC's 4x4 Chassis provides security and versatility to emergency medical teams in hostile environments. We equip the armored land cruiser ambulance with medical equipment as well as with other necessities so that it can offer a reliable service in providing first aid and evacuation procedures in the field. In addition to the standard medical instruments, further modification as well as other installing optional features are available to meet your specific armored medical transportation requirements.

Base Vehicle: Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

High Strength and Lightweight Armor Plating.

For Windshield and door Windows: Multi-layered Ballistic Glass.

Roof and Floor Armor plating using High-intensity MIG Welding.

Reinforced Doors and Pillars with Heavy-duty Hinges.

Protection for the Fuel tank, Tailpipe, Radiator, Battery and the Control Module of the Engine.

Suspension and Brake System upgradations to compensate the additional weight of the Armor.

Run Flat Tyres.